This Is Not a
Design Conference 2017

In collaboration with Cube Design Museum, we hosted the second edition of ‘This Is Not a Design Conference’ on Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of September 2017 in Kerkrade.

The theme of this conference was ‘The Impact of Design Culture’. The program consisted of talks and a Q&A on the first day and workshops on the second day allowing to explore the impact of Design Culture in areas such as: User experience, education, safety systems, product & business design, multisensory research and your daily life.



» Nadc17 was a great experience – a weekend filled with lots of insights and interesting conversations. «


» Looking forward to the next nadc!  «

Melanie Becker

» What I especially liked was that participants, speakers and the organisational board are very versatile from their background, field of study and expertise. It was very inspiring to get to talk to people and hear about their ideas, insights and experiences which are outside of my usual work environment and focus area. «

Paulien Strijland

» I loved the enthusiasm and professionalism of Maastricht Disrupt. It was great to see the diversity of the audience in terms of age, profession/field of study, and interest. «


» I found it really inspiring, to actually see the design process applied to a broad field of interests. Getting the chance to talk to the speakers in a relaxed environment is something you don’t always get to have.  «

Mauro Rego

» Professional. Caring. Bar tour. «



Ndanu Mbithicontent

Giona Paolinicommunications

Iga Jaroszlogistics

Conrad Weiseco-chair

Angelica Rasiewiczlogistics

Rodion Burdenco-chair

Holly Hudson Taylorcontent

Antonia Huthlogistics

Liza Gordincommunity engagement