This Is Not a
Design Conference 2016

The first Design Thinking conference in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion is a daylong event where you can experience the method, mindset and culture of Design Thinking. Practitioners from all over Europe present their inspiring solutions, and you will be able to dive into the process by attending workshops on visual thinking, user journeys, idea development or prototyping. Together, we will connect the benefits of Design Thinking with a sustainable consciousness and you will have the chance to collaborate with students and professionals from various disciplines.

»THIS IS NOT A DESIGN CONFERENCE« is a collaborative effort between Maastricht Disrupt, a student-led foundation that facilitates the collaboration between innovators, students, professionals as well as designers, and Cube Kerkrade, the first Dutch Design Museum.



Dick Rijken

» If you really want to change things in a deep way, it takes guts! «


» It taught me how visuals and design can be used as a tool in any working environment! «

Philipp Burckhardt

» Keep an entrepreneurial spirit! Stay hungry wherever you go and question the status quo! – This is the feeling you get at a Maastricht Disrupt Conference «


» There was a good balance in learning from speakers and working in the workshops. «

Ted Hunt

» Maastricht Disrupt is everything all design thinking and every conference should be! Optimistic and self starting, diverse in both those who attend and the different talks, debates and workshops on offer and finally critical the way things are isn’t the way things have to be. «

Björn Koopmans

» Explore. Experiment. Experience….Repeat. «


» I got a clear vision on how design thinking could be used and how it can be interpreted in different courses «

Dan Nessler

» A valuable exchange between people with different cultural and professional backgrounds «


» It was an awesome event, refreshing, I liked the open minded atmosphere and intercultural come together. «

Laszlo Determan

» #nadc16 was an amazing experience. Students interested in design thinking took the initiative, gathered a group of like-minded people and just made it happen! Numerous workshops and presentations in a jam-packed schedule at a fitting location. Great kick-start of Maastricht Disrupt, curious to see what’s next! «