We are an interdisciplinary student committee passionate about Design Thinking for creative problem-solving

The foundation facilates an exchange between students and professionals through thought-provoking events and workshops

The annual 'Not a Design Conference' inspires its audience with innovative concepts and visions


<Year 2019>

Yoeri Dassen advisory

Rodion Burden chair_management

Nirmala Hessellund content_speaker

Nikodem Białkowski logistic_operations

Magda Mierzejewska pr_marketing

Jude Feranmi logistic_operations

Josephine Yeh pr_marketing

Jair van Nes logistic_operations

Iwona Lisiecka workshops

Eva Dekkers content_speaker

Emre Küpcük pr_marketing

Eliza Marx chair_management

Cosmin Nedelcu advisory

Anton Waniek web_tech

Antonia Huth Co-Chair

Johanna Scheutzow Human Resource

Iga Jarosz Logistic

Madelon Meijer Social Media Strategist

Maria Vatista Social Content & Funding

Giona Paolini Co-Chair

Ndanu Mbithi content

Giona Paolini communication

Iga Jarosz logistic

Conrad Weise Co-Chair

Angelica Rasiewicz logistic

Rodion Burden Co-Chair

Holly Hudson Taylor content

Antonia Huth logistic

Liza Gordin comm. engagement

Lena Mayer content

Victor Carlier Co-Chair

Karen Schmieden content

Giona Paolini communication

Shabnam Dost finance

Finn Trost Co-Chair

Angelica Rasiewicz communication

Rodion Burden logistic

Conrad Weise communication