The Team


Discover how different skills can merge and creatively approach every problem!


We are students, but we love to get busy!


Maastricht Disrupt embodies a student-organization introducing Design Thinking and builds a continuous flow of knowledge exchange in a community of open-minded thinkers and doers with the ambition to create a better world.

The local and global standing of Maastricht is embodied in our value to think global and act local. We believe this value to be strongly mirrored by the smooth growth of our community and organization.

New students join in with new perspectives from different fields of expertise, cultures and personalities, while others step out and take the big next step into the working world, taking their insights and learnings from Maastricht Disrupt as great team players to create better solutions for the world of tomorrow with an open and creative mindset.


<Year 2018>

Antonia Huth Co-Chair

Johanna Scheutzow Human Resource

Iga Jarosz Logistic

Madelon Meijer Social Media Strategist

Maria Vatista Social Content & Funding

Giona Paolini Co-Chair

Ndanu Mbithi content

Giona Paolini communication

Iga Jarosz logistic

Conrad Weise Co-Chair

Angelica Rasiewicz logistic

Rodion Burden Co-Chair

Holly Hudson Taylor content

Antonia Huth logistic

Liza Gordin comm. engagement

Lena Mayer content

Victor Carlier Co-Chair

Karen Schmieden content

Giona Paolini communication

Shabnam Dost finance

Finn Trost Co-Chair

Angelica Rasiewicz communication

Rodion Burden logistic

Conrad Weise communication